Portable Student Mini USB Charging Fan Mini fan with Light

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1. Mini fan with Light for Selfie/Video/Vlog: This is a portable mini fan with lighting effects. You can take a selfie in a dark place to make your face clearer, your face more three-dimensional, and your eyes more attractive. Whether it is taking selfies/videos or videos, it can help you. At the same time, it can give you a cool experience. Need a fan. Portable design.

2. Portable USB Charging Port: Includes a charging cable, you can use the charger to charge at any time. The charging can provide 2-3 hours: experience. You can use it in an office/nightclub/low-light environment.

3. Ideal Gift for Summer: Undoubtedly, this is a brand new product, which is different from the existing products on the market. You can give it to your children, lover, and friends. This is a dazzling gift. Let you stand out from other unfashionable gifts.

4. Adjustable Speed (3 Levels) and Dimmable (3 Levels): Clip design, adjustable angle, you can adjust according to current needs.

5. Not Only for Mobile Phones: You can put it on the table (we designed it for this). You can clip this product to your computer and place it on the selfie stand of your phone. Very useful, you can use it flexibly.


Power supply mode: USB

Specification: 79*43*126.5mm

Category: USB fan

Product features: clip + fill light + fan + hanging neck

Wind speed gear: 3 gears

Color: green, pink, white

Package Content


USB Charging Cable*1