Wooden Smart Induction Speaker / Alarm / Phone Holder

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This is the telepathy speaker. You can play it without Bluetooth. For the first time, all the friends have a feeling of "can't believe it".

Such a magical effect is inseparable from the new black technology - the audio signal sensing module.

When the mobile phone is close to the speaker, the induction module automatically recognizes and obtains the audio signal of the mobile phone, and the music is instantly played out through the speaker.

No need to connect Bluetooth, just fast!

Mobile phones on the market can be used, apple, Android phones can be used!

No need to download an app! No need to connect Bluetooth! No WiFi!

It's really convenient for those who don't like Bluetooth or don't like Bluetooth!

Let me tell you quietly that in addition to the black technology sensing mode, Lingxi is also equipped with the traditional Bluetooth mode. Just press the middle button to switch to Bluetooth mode.

The mobile phone can be used when it is connected with Bluetooth "link · rhinoceros". The new Bluetooth 5.0 supports lossless sound quality playback.

In this way, you can use the phone when you don't want to put it in the speaker.

With 30 years of experience as a tuner, after 80 iterations of tuning scheme, 1000 hours of vocal music test, the final debugging and confirmation, the sound quality of the speaker at the same price.

The weight is only 210g, very light, you can take it out.

In the journey, in the picnic, in the party, puts on the handset, can create the music atmosphere which wants.